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Welcome to MyShareKit. A place where we can share our AmpKit setups. I love AmpKit, a guitar app for the iPhone and iPad, and was looking around to see if I could find any AmpKit setups that people are sharing and there were none, so I thought I would make a place where we all can share our setups and sounds.

In order to keep the site running, if you find that this site is of any benefit to you, *cough* *cough*, if you can contribute anything, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for everything... Rock on!

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Artist: Joe Satriani
Submitted By: BoxOfSnoo
Required Gear:
Colonel 900, 4x10 Colonel Vintage, Noise Gate, Mountain Blue, Rabid Rodent, D-Delay, Workhorse 57

High gain with lots of clarity & pick attack. Good for legato

Artist: Geddy Lee
Submitted By: BoxOfSnoo
Required Gear:
Trace Elliot 1215, Trace Elliot 1215, Echology, Rocktron HUSH, Broadcast 20

Bright, punchy and gritty.

Artist: John Scofield
Submitted By: hcardo
Required Gear:
Peavy Valve King, 1x12 Peavey® ValveKing®, Echology, Ensembly, Sonic Edge Tumbleweed, Rocktron HUSH, Workhorse 58

On a PRS SE 245 guitar, neck volume pot is 60% - rest is 100% for playing (funky) along with some Scofield's and Medeski Trio's compositions.

Artist: Carlos Santana
Submitted By: hcardo
Required Gear:
Peavy Valve King, 1x10 Taos, Noise Gate, Technique 4033

Played on a PRS SE with volume neck at 3/4 i tried to catch up the distorsion harmonics and release of the notes similar to Carlos Santana original recording.

Artist: Pat Metheny
Submitted By: hcardo
Required Gear:
American Acoustic, 2x8 American Acoustic, EQ Monster, The Juicer, Noise Gate, D-Delay, Echology

My first attempt to emulate young Pat Metheny sound as in Bright Size Life album. I also found it useful to play along with the Question and Answer album. Box sequence is: Compressor, EQ, Reverb, Delay, Noise Gate.

Artist: TonyD
Submitted By: TonyD
Required Gear:
American Acoustic, 2x8 American Acoustic, EQ Monster, Noise Gate, Ensembly

This is the first preset I created after buying the American Acoustic amp. I recorded this clip with a Fender Strat HSS using the tone bypass, pickup selector in the middle position. I use the Apogee Jam interface.


Artist: Dave Mustaine
Submitted By: daniel38
Required Gear:
Colonel 900, 4x12 Colonel 900, EQ Monster, Noise Gate, Echology, Ensembly, Rocktron Cottonmouth Fuzz, Sonic Edge Tumbleweed, Broadcast 20

Take 2 on the Megadeth Ride. I ended up disabling the 'Noise & Feedback Filter' and 'Adjust to Prevent Feedback' features. I'm relying solely on balancing the volume & drive of the Amp as well as the 'Roctron' & 'EQ Monster' pedals. First I do the compression & boosting with the Sonic Edge follow by a Noise Gate into the distortion pedal. Amp has to be on clean that way we get all the distortion from the Roctron. Also the Bass, Mid & Treble are set to middle that way we only tweak tone/EQ on one pedal. I got another Noise Gate to further control unwanted noise & feedback. All this go into the chorus pedal to make the sound more robust and into the reverb / delay pedal for the echo & hall environment feel. On your guitar make sure that the tone & volume knobs are all turn up to 10 / max. I ran this set up on my Fender Frontman 212 using my 'Dean DM ZERO AoD II' and it was solid. Keep an eye on the Output Gain meter & don't let it creep up above mid yellow to prevent feed back. Suggestions as well as correction are welcome & desired. ---REMEMBER!!! Auto Noise & Feedback Filters are OFF!!!

Submitted By: Bluesdelux
Required Gear:
Peavy Valve King, 4x12 Peavey® ValveKing®, Noise Gate, Elevenizer, D-Delay, Echology, Germann 87

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