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Welcome to MyShareKit. A place where we can share our AmpKit setups. I love AmpKit, a guitar app for the iPhone and iPad, and was looking around to see if I could find any AmpKit setups that people are sharing and there were none, so I thought I would make a place where we all can share our setups and sounds.

In order to keep the site running, if you find that this site is of any benefit to you, *cough* *cough*, if you can contribute anything, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for everything... Rock on!

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Submitted By: Mugzoo
Required Gear:
American Rebel, 4x12 Colonel 900, EQ Monster, Noise Gate, Mountain Blue, Echology, Octapuss, Workhorse 57

I like this nice warm crunch when I play along with Gov't Mule through my Grado 125 headphones; though I have not heard it live through a PA or speaker yet. I keep my Les Paul on the bridge pickup so it doesn't get too muddy. The Mountain Blue on top of the mid-overdrive Rebel "tube" head gives a good punch without attacking the stings too hard. The 4x12 cabinet gives it a bigger sound, and the EQ can be played with (currently scooped) for blending with the music you are playing along with. I will probably add a treble boost to this setup at some point, and would reduce the reverb effect a bit. The octapuss is some added fun for licks in the middle of the neck. Tried this with my fender, didn't like it so much. Have fun.

Artist: Rob Math
Submitted By: AmpKit+
Required Gear:
Peavy 3120, 4x12 Peavey® ValveKing®, The Juicer, Noise Gate, The Haze, D-Delay, Echology, Ensembly, KGB 451

Submitted By: Bestbenes
Required Gear:
Peavy 3120, 4x12 Peavey® 6505+, EQ Monster, D-Delay, Ensembly, Phunk Phaser, Sonic Edge Tumbleweed, KGB 414

1st Solo of song turn on phunk phaser for arpeggio part Also good for Santana Moonflower

Artist: n/a
Submitted By: Johny D
Required Gear:
Peavy Valve King, 1x12 Peavey® ValveKing®, Noise Gate, Elevenizer, Wideload 421

I use this set-up for 70's Rock (Paranoid - Sabbath, Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple etc). It can be used for other decades of cause too I just feel it suits these best. So switch to your Bridge pick-up, turn down the tone and enjoy.

Submitted By: Reiep
Required Gear:
Taos Rectifier, 4x12 Taos Rectifier, Noise Gate, Echology, KGB 451

Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier amp tuned for metal rhythm.

Artist: David Gilmour
Submitted By: Kheldon Krow
Required Gear:
Peavy 3120, 1x12 Peavey® ValveKing®, EQ Monster, D-Delay, Rocktron HUSH, Acoustic8, KGB 414

This is my take on the guitar effects for Pink Floyds Another Brick in the Wall part2.

Submitted By: vidarfro
Required Gear:
London Century, 4x12 London Century, Mountain Blue, D-Delay, Echology, Ensembly, Rocktron HUSH, Phase '72, KGB 414

Perfect for a sound that can be cleaned up from the guitar. Turn down the volume for a semi clean sound. And turn up for a bit more drive. This setup is tuned to fit my Mexico Fender Deluxe Powerhouse Strat. It has a onboard 25dB midboost. Used together with the bridge pickup it gives a thick overdriven sound. Check the soundcloud link for a demo of the sound. The order of things: Before amp: Rocktron Hush, Mountain Blue. Amp: London century. Effects loop: Phase 72, Ensembly, D-Delay, Echology. Cabinet and mic on axis.

Submitted By: TheUn4givN
Required Gear:
Taos Rectifier, 4x12 Taos Rectifier, EQ Monster, Noise Gate, D-Delay, Echology, Wahba Doo, Rocktron Zombie Rectified Distortion, Sonic Edge Tumbleweed, Wideload 421

An attempt to create a true heavy cristal clear sound for metal genre, sounds pretty good and bright...

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