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Welcome to MyShareKit. A place where we can share our AmpKit setups. I love AmpKit, a guitar app for the iPhone and iPad, and was looking around to see if I could find any AmpKit setups that people are sharing and there were none, so I thought I would make a place where we all can share our setups and sounds.

In order to keep the site running, if you find that this site is of any benefit to you, *cough* *cough*, if you can contribute anything, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for everything... Rock on!

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Artist: Corrosion Of Conformity
Submitted By: SomethingWicked
Required Gear:
4x12 Peavey® ValveKing®, Noise Gate, Sonic Edge J&J Overdrive, Workhorse 57

My attempt at recreating Corrosion of Conformity's distorted tone from the Deliverance album. Tuned to D or drop C for jamming with this one.

Artist: Arch Enemy, Darkest Hour, As I Lay Dying, Jeff Loomis
Submitted By: Jeremy Schafer
Required Gear:
Sultan Rack 88, 4x12 Sultan, EQ Monster, The Juicer, Noise Gate, Elevenizer, D-Delay, Echology, Germann 87

I have several different versions of this patch, each differing depending on the instrument, but this setup sounds killer with an axe donning high output pickups. Tis a high gain setting, but balanced, great for metal riffage and ripping shredding solos. I know there's three delays, one analog, one shorter digital and a longer digital. I don't use them all at once(well, sometimes). I love delays. If you're a metal or shred player, I think you'll like this patch! Might make for a good metallic hardcore/metalcore tone as well.

Submitted By: TheUn4givN
Required Gear:
Taos Rectifier, 4x12 Taos Rectifier, EQ Monster, Noise Gate, D-Delay, Echology, Wahba Doo, Rocktron Zombie Rectified Distortion, Sonic Edge Tumbleweed, Wideload 421

An attempt to create a true heavy cristal clear sound for metal genre, sounds pretty good and bright...

Artist: Angus Young
Submitted By: Rockdrigo
Required Gear:
Colonel Vintage, 1x12 Peavey® ValveKing®, Noise Gate, Elevenizer, Workhorse 57

Artist: Vito Bratta
Submitted By: Raidogen
Required Gear:
Peavy 3120, 2x12 Fargen Super Collider, EQ Monster, The Juicer, Noise Gate, Elevenizer, D-Delay, Echology, Rocktron HUSH, Wideload 421

This is an attempt to re-create Vito's studio sound for the incredibly phrased Little Fighter solo. The sound sample below is myself with a 1987 Jackson SL-1 using a Seymour Duncan TB-4 in the bridge position with the JE-1200 Mid-Boost circuit on. Sorry about the audio quality, this was recorded as a video then converted to audio. As this was calibrated for my guitar, you may have to adjust the input/outputs on the setup to match your guitar.

Submitted By: Mugzoo
Required Gear:
American Duel, 4x12 Colonel 900, Noise Gate, Elevenizer, D-Delay, Echology, Sonic Edge Tumbleweed, Workhorse 58

With a Strat, nothing beats a Twin, so I started there. I found the 4x12 cabinet to give the biggest sound and removed the 'boxiness'. Surprisingly, my favorite mic was the 58. Seemed to be the brightest. The Echology gives a fuller sound too with some clean 'verb. You can use the Elevenizer & Tumbleweed separately or together. Explore a bit there. I like the Tumbleweed alone the best for some lively gain that responds well dynamically to how hard you hit the strings or to the volume knob on the guitar. I guess this is opposite of what you expect for a real compressor but this is what I get. I add the Elevenizer before that if I want to get a more distorted sound every now and then. Having the tone up high on that pedal keeps the neck pickup from getting too muddy in that case. The delay is set for minimal now, just to get some more stereo feel at times. Some more experimenting there would be good. What I like about the 'clean' sound (no OD pedals on) is that it has clarity with some 'life' in it. Not too sterile or boring. It could be louder, but since I play with the Tumbleweed 'on' mostly that doesn't matter to me. Could be optimized. I don't think you need much more than all this for doing some blues with a Strat; maybe I'll a trem pedal in the future but that's it. Have fun! (Especially with cabinet selection. I like the 4x12 900 the best, but you can do a lot of sonic exploration just by changing that parameter)

Submitted By: Mugzoo
Required Gear:
American Rebel, 4x12 Colonel 900, EQ Monster, Noise Gate, Mountain Blue, Echology, Octapuss, Workhorse 57

I like this nice warm crunch when I play along with Gov't Mule through my Grado 125 headphones; though I have not heard it live through a PA or speaker yet. I keep my Les Paul on the bridge pickup so it doesn't get too muddy. The Mountain Blue on top of the mid-overdrive Rebel "tube" head gives a good punch without attacking the stings too hard. The 4x12 cabinet gives it a bigger sound, and the EQ can be played with (currently scooped) for blending with the music you are playing along with. I will probably add a treble boost to this setup at some point, and would reduce the reverb effect a bit. The octapuss is some added fun for licks in the middle of the neck. Tried this with my fender, didn't like it so much. Have fun.

Artist: John Petrucci
Submitted By: Ario N
Required Gear:
Taos Rectifier, 4x12 Sultan, EQ Monster, The Juicer, Noise Gate, Mountain Blue, D-Delay, Ensembly, Wideload 421

Emulation of John Petrucci's lead. I think it is close to the original. Issues with feedback: - Reduce the output gain to -10dB (others = 0db) and set the Iphone/Ipad at half volume bar if feedback occurs. - Need feedback filter; 44% is just enough - Gain at external speaker/amp attached to Ipad/Iphone can be set indefinitely for loudness (it works for me).

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