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Welcome to MyShareKit. A place where we can share our AmpKit setups. I love AmpKit, a guitar app for the iPhone and iPad, and was looking around to see if I could find any AmpKit setups that people are sharing and there were none, so I thought I would make a place where we all can share our setups and sounds.

In order to keep the site running, if you find that this site is of any benefit to you, *cough* *cough*, if you can contribute anything, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for everything... Rock on!

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Submitted By: vidarfro
Required Gear:
Peavy Classic 30, 1x12 Peavey® Classic 30®, D-Delay, Ensembly, Rocktron HUSH, Workhorse 57

A good, allround rock lead sound. A bit Satch, but warmer. Pedal order: Rocktron Hush before amp, Ensembly and 2 x D-Delay after amp. The first D-delay is set on a reverse delay and the second on a analog delay.

Artist: Carlos Santana
Submitted By: hcardo
Required Gear:
Peavy Valve King, 1x10 Taos, Noise Gate, Technique 4033

Played on a PRS SE with volume neck at 3/4 i tried to catch up the distorsion harmonics and release of the notes similar to Carlos Santana original recording.

Artist: Dave Mustaine
Submitted By: daniel38
Required Gear:
Colonel 900, 4x12 Colonel 900, EQ Monster, Noise Gate, Echology, Ensembly, Rocktron Cottonmouth Fuzz, Sonic Edge Tumbleweed, Broadcast 20

Take 2 on the Megadeth Ride. I ended up disabling the 'Noise & Feedback Filter' and 'Adjust to Prevent Feedback' features. I'm relying solely on balancing the volume & drive of the Amp as well as the 'Roctron' & 'EQ Monster' pedals. First I do the compression & boosting with the Sonic Edge follow by a Noise Gate into the distortion pedal. Amp has to be on clean that way we get all the distortion from the Roctron. Also the Bass, Mid & Treble are set to middle that way we only tweak tone/EQ on one pedal. I got another Noise Gate to further control unwanted noise & feedback. All this go into the chorus pedal to make the sound more robust and into the reverb / delay pedal for the echo & hall environment feel. On your guitar make sure that the tone & volume knobs are all turn up to 10 / max. I ran this set up on my Fender Frontman 212 using my 'Dean DM ZERO AoD II' and it was solid. Keep an eye on the Output Gain meter & don't let it creep up above mid yellow to prevent feed back. Suggestions as well as correction are welcome & desired. ---REMEMBER!!! Auto Noise & Feedback Filters are OFF!!!

Artist: Van Halen
Submitted By: jackeb
Required Gear:
Fargen Olde 800, 4x12 Colonel 900, Noise Gate, D-Delay, Echology, Workhorse 58

Gone for the Fargen Olde 800 and just done what Eddie does and max every dial. I use the modulated delay to give a little phase 90 vibe. I've tweaked a little. Gone is the juicer and I've altered the fx levels a little.

Submitted By: Mugzoo
Required Gear:
American Duel, 4x12 Colonel 900, Noise Gate, Elevenizer, D-Delay, Echology, Sonic Edge Tumbleweed, Workhorse 58

With a Strat, nothing beats a Twin, so I started there. I found the 4x12 cabinet to give the biggest sound and removed the 'boxiness'. Surprisingly, my favorite mic was the 58. Seemed to be the brightest. The Echology gives a fuller sound too with some clean 'verb. You can use the Elevenizer & Tumbleweed separately or together. Explore a bit there. I like the Tumbleweed alone the best for some lively gain that responds well dynamically to how hard you hit the strings or to the volume knob on the guitar. I guess this is opposite of what you expect for a real compressor but this is what I get. I add the Elevenizer before that if I want to get a more distorted sound every now and then. Having the tone up high on that pedal keeps the neck pickup from getting too muddy in that case. The delay is set for minimal now, just to get some more stereo feel at times. Some more experimenting there would be good. What I like about the 'clean' sound (no OD pedals on) is that it has clarity with some 'life' in it. Not too sterile or boring. It could be louder, but since I play with the Tumbleweed 'on' mostly that doesn't matter to me. Could be optimized. I don't think you need much more than all this for doing some blues with a Strat; maybe I'll a trem pedal in the future but that's it. Have fun! (Especially with cabinet selection. I like the 4x12 900 the best, but you can do a lot of sonic exploration just by changing that parameter)

Artist: Tom Scholz
Submitted By: Jam Court
Required Gear:
Peavy Classic 30, 1x12 Peavey® Classic 30®, The Juicer, Noise Gate, Echology, Ensembly, Rocktron Metal Planet, Phase '72, Workhorse 57

The tight, phased lead sound used in More Than A Feeling by Boston

Submitted By: AmpKit+
Required Gear:
Peavy 6534+, 4x12 Peavey® 6505+, Noise Gate, Elevenizer, Workhorse 57

AmpKit Power Pack demo.

Artist: Eric Clapton
Submitted By: Charliettt
Required Gear:
Colonel Vintage, 4x10 Colonel Vintage, Noise Gate, Sonic Edge Tumbleweed, Technique 4033

Eric Clapton's Marshall sound when he played with John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers.

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